FMODA was created in September of 1999 from the initiative of its founder, Fernanda Oliveira.

FMODA’s business area is the fabrication of jersey wear garments, mainly for exportation, for woman, man, teen, kids and baby departments, by outsourcing production in Portugal and Morocco.

We’re inserted in the heart of Vale do Ave in Guimarães (50km from Oporto Airport), taking advantage of the full potential of a region geared to the textile sector.

In 2017, FMODA defined a strategy of growth and reinforcement of competitiveness, through the following actions:

  • New offices with a 5000m2 area;
  • Creation of an internal laboratory to better control the process and consequential improved quality;
  • Improvement of logistics;
  • Process optimization through the innovation of the machinery in all sectors;
  • Differentiation of the services provided to the client;
  • Having respect for the environment, making it one of our main goals.

Through the years, FMODA has been granting it’s spot in the sector, giving our clients, the guarantee of efficiency by the highest standards of quality and competitiveness.

We produce a vast variety of products to the textile sector.

We work with several national and international suppliers that support us in being effective in terms of delivery and meet the quality standards for each client.

We currently have an installed capacity of 1.000.000 garments per month, with the ability to grow as necessary.




Creativity at the service of fashion and your imagination.

Through the active search of new products, techniques and fabrics, we develop collections always following the last trends on the market.

We have two design studios, one in-house and one in Barcelona, with teams ready to fulfill all of our clients needs.



For us, professionalism in each service is to provide the highest standards of quality, efficiency and trust, always to find the best solution.

We have a team of commercials, with great proximity to the client, driven to assist on an everyday basis and follow up the processes of product development, in order to reach all expectations.

This team has the main goal of finding the best solutions to meet each client target price, quality and delivery needs.



In order to quickly respond to the product development requests, we have a large stock of fabrics.

Two automatic cutting tables allow us to be efficient and fast.

Our atelier produces in average 100 different garments per day among prototypes, developments, size-sets, pre-production samples and productions tests.

At developing stage we analyze all the technical details of the garment construction, in order to improve it, for a faster and better quality.



‘Fashion is architecture: It is a matter of proportions.’ (Coco Chanel)

Pattern making and grading are a very important part of production to guarantee the highest quality standards.

We have a vast experience in product development that allows us to achieve the perfect fit.



The cutting is a crucial part of production and to control the measurements and quality we do it mostly in-house.

We recently upgraded our machinery to meet our growing needs.

Our cut capacity is currently at 45.000 garments per day.



FMODA works in two origins: Portugal and Morocco.

We work mostly with outsourcing.

The cutting process is an in-house service.

The production stages are planned and controlled by an experienced team that guarantees the follow up of every process such as:

  • Reception, control and storage of the fabrics and trims;
  • Critical path defined for each order;
  • QC temas in both origins that work very close with our Production Units in order to achieve the quality standards;
  • A predefined AQL is done to make sure the final product is in accordance to the client parameters.


Our internal laboratory has a main goal of identifying and preventing any potential non conformity to the clients requirements and act accordingly.

Internally we do the following tests:

  • Color fastness to rubbing (wet and dry);
  • Color fastness to water;
  • Color fastness to perspiration;
  • Color fastness to salive;
  • Fabric weight;
  • PH;
  • Appearance after wash;
  • Dimensional stability;
  • Spirality.

To guarantee the trust in our results we do monthly correlation with an external accredited laboratory.


Our approach to the business is a sustainable production with a focus on three main pillars:

  • Environmental;
  • Social;
  • Economical.

The use of organic and recycled fibers contributes to a lesser impact in the environment. Keeping that in mind we make sure to use them in over 70% of our productions.

Since November 2003 we have implemented the quality management system, certified accordingly with the requirements of ISO 9001.

FMODA’s conde of conduct firmly respects human and labour rights, not just in our company but also in all our production chain.

Quality, Environment, Security and Social Responsibility are our strategic pillars and we are fully compromised to reduce our footprint in the World.


  • Organic Content Standard (OCS)
  • Recycled Claim Standard (RCS)
  • Members of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

Code of Conduct



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